How to tie a head scarf fashionably

Because I don’t always feel like wearing a wig and most standard head scarves are not my thing at all, I started looking for other ways to look good without wearing a wig. The solution: scarves in all sorts of beautiful colours and fabrics. Super comfortable and stylish. This is how you tie them. If you know me, you know that I know exactly what I do and especially don’t like. When I became bald, I made a great effort to find a look that really suits me. And that included awesome solutions that weren’t a wig. What really sucked in the beginning was that I couldn’t find a single head scarf that was to my taste. I knew almost from the beginning that specialized shops for women with cancer wouldn’t be the best place to find something, they made me feel uncomfortable. I didn’t like the prints, nor the fabric or shape. I was finally able to find what I was looking for on the Albert Cuypmarkt in Amsterdam: a scarf that was exactly the right size, and that I could tie around my head myself. I have them in all sorts of fabrics and colors now and the best part is: this solution isn’t expensive at all! Even a pretty piece of cloth will do the trick. Do you want to wrap you scarf like I do? Then look for a scarf that’s not too thick and is at least 2m long and 80cm wide. This is how you tie it:

1. Fold

Fold your scarf once to make it narrower.

2. Start at the front

Lean back a little bit and place the double-folded scarf flat on your forehead with the opening at the back. Then pull it back. Make sure you cover your ears too, otherwise your ears will stick out from under your headscarf. Check that the cloth is nice and tight around the ears and that the scarf is the same length on both sides.

3. Turn around

Next, take the left side of the scarf over to the right side diagonally, and the right side to the left. You’re holding the fabric together now, it’s not untied anymore.

4. Back to the front

Now bring the scarf back to the front holding the fabric tightly.

5. Repeat

Now swap hands and bring the fabric around your head and to the back.

6. Tie it

Hold the scarf tight at the back and make a firm knot.

7. Play around with it

You can push the loose bits that are hanging down your neck under the fabric.

8. Style it

Check out the final look and make a few adjustments if there’s anything you’re not happy with. Because the fabric has been folded, you have enough space to pluck and pull a bit.

9. Go out!

Tadaa, done! You’r ready to go!