How to rock your summer look!

Most people are looking forward to the summer, but for us baldies sunny weather can be quite a challenge. How do you go outside? With a wig, without a wig, bald, with animal spots, with make-up on or all natural? In this tip I’m going to share everything you need to know to rock this summer your way.

1. Wear a summer hairstyle

In summer, it’s not only nice but also comfortable to put your hair up. You could have it up in a ponytail or a bun so it doesn’t stick to your neck. If that makes your hairline too obvious, you can wear a cute hairband to cover it. You can also cut some baby hair around your hairline (don’t do it yourself!). That way it’ll look more natural. Another thing you can do is have some of your hair up, which can look really good with a scrunchie or a statement hair clip.

You might struggle a bit to figure out your summer hairstyle at first, but trust me: practice makes perfect. Take your time to master this and don’t leave it until the last minute. If you try to do it when you’re about to leave the house, you’ll get frustrated and you won’t be able to enjoy the nice weather. And that’s the opposite of what you want.

2. Wear a scarf

If you find your wig too warm but you don’t want to go outside bald either, then wearing a scarf is the perfect solution. In summer, go for nice and airy fabrics that match your favourite clothes. In this tip I show you how I tie my scarves and you can find a video on my Instagram where I show you how to do it. You can actually create an outfit around your scarf. If you like earrings, then combine your scarves with the biggest eye-catchers ever! But even just some cute little ones can elevate your look.

Going outside bald

Going outside bald is no small feat - you’re probably aware of people looking at you. (In this tip you can read about how I came to terms with my bald head and was able to go outside bald.) However, when it’s really hot, it feels wonderful! The sun feels amazing on your head and it’s lovely when the wind blows over it.

On days when I don’t wear makeup, I always put on sunscreen. I use one that you only need to apply once, but I do it several times throughout the day anyway to make sure my head doesn’t start looking like a tomato. That doesn’t exactly look nice, and it doesn’t feel great either (I know from experience…).

If I am wearing makeup, I always put some on my head as well. Otherwise it’s very obvious where the make-up starts and where it ends, which I think is even worse than when you can see that foundation line on your neck. I personally use the CC cream by Chanel, which has SPF 50. It’s quite pricy, but it lasts a long time and it helps you stay protected against the sun and look flawless at the same time.

I find dressing in summer a lot easier because my summer clothes are quite feminine, so I can wear anything I want and go outside bald and still look feminine. Of course I also wear my oversized sunglasses all summer long, which are a statement themselves.

In conclusion:

Us baldies have infinite possibilities to shine in the summer. So do some research and find out what you feel good in and what suits you. Taking a risk sometimes and stepping out of your comfort zone (for a bit) can result in something beautiful, even if it’s just you feeling like a bad ass. Keep your head up and make the most of the summer!