How to correctly wear a wig

‘As long as your hair looks good’, is an expression we hear often. With a wig, this is slightly more complicated. Almost everyone who wears a wig is unsure at first: is it noticeable, is it sitting right, will it stay in place? Of course your wig specialist has explained exactly how you should wear your wig but, I mean, they’re not there next to you in front of the mirror every morning. So I’ll give you my tips so that it gets easier:

1. First, brush and blow-dry

It’s best to brush your hairpiece when you’re holding it in your hands. Important: brush carefully, start from the bottom and slowly work your way up to the crown; otherwise you’ll pull out too many hairs. I find drying, curling and styling (watch out: this can only be done with human hair, not synthetic wigs!) easier to do if the wig is on a wig stand. That way I can turn it around and really see what I’m doing. Once your hairpiece has been brushed and/or styled, you can put it on.

2. Hold it from the back

Hold your wig upside down and grab it from the back, so in the neck. Then put it on from front to back; so start with your forehead and slowly pull it backwards over your head.

3. Fix the sides

Grab the sides by the ears (there are often pieces of different fabric inside your wig that help you correct it) to put it in place properly. Both sides should be the same distance from your ears.

4. Four fingers for the right height

Once your wig is on, you still need to decide how low or high to wear it. This is the best tip I’ve ever been given: you should be able to fit four fingers between your hairline and your eyebrows. This rule goes for everyone, unless you have really fat fingers… ?

5. Secure it in place if you want

Because a lot of women are afraid of losing their hairpiece (at first), you can choose to secure it in place. There’s special wig tape for that, but I personally don’t use it. When you take the tape off, you always pull some hair out. I think that’s a shame.

There are also different types of glue and hairspray that make your wig stay in place, so you could also check those out. Always ask your wig specialist about it.

6. The finishing touch

Once your wig is (glued) in place, you can finish off your look with a hairband, ponytail or bun. It’s best to do these things when you’re already wearing your hairpiece, because that way you can see right away how it looks. If it’s on a wig stand, it’s easy to misjudge how it looks right away.

7. Take it of carefully

The front of your wig is extra fragile. The thin material (lace) that’s used for this gives your wig a natural look because you can see your scalp through it. You definitely don’t want to damage this! So never take your wig off by grabbing it from the front and pulling it backwards. You can do that with a cheap carnaval wig, but not with your expensive hairpiece. Grab your hairpiece from the back, then move it from the back of your head to the front. Basically, exactly the opposite of how you put it on.