Trichotillomania isn’t actually a disease, but because it is something that is regularly diagnosed, I am taking it into consideration. In this post, you will read more about the symptoms, causes and possible solutions.


If you have trichotillomania, you pull your hair out repeatedly, e.g. your eyebrows, eyelashes or head hair. It often starts off with wrapping a strand of hair around your finger, or with pulling out abnormal hairs in a specific spot. This results in an urge that can cause bald spots. Pulling hair out feels good (temporarily), but it also causes shame and frustration.


Trichotillomania is definitely not a result of a physical condition, such as a dermatological illness. So what is the cause? It’s probably due to a combination of factors, such as a predisposition to obsessive compulsive behaviour. Stress or trauma often play a role in this too.


You might think that you can ‘just’ stop pulling hair out, but it’s not that simple at all. The most recommended treatment for trichotillomania is cognitive behavioral therapy, which teaches you about the relationship between your thoughts, your feelings and your behaviours. You try to change these patterns.

Eef and Tina talk about their experience with trichotillomania and how they deal with it.