You can also look gorgeous and feminine without hair

In 2018 all the hair on my head fell out within three weeks due to Alopecia. That was soon followed by my eyebrows and eyelashes. Obviously I cried my eyes out, but after a little while, I decided to make the most of it. I can now honestly say that I’m happy with myself, including my bald head. I want all women to feel this way.
The first months after my hair loss, I struggled a lot with myself. I was all over the place. I made bad jokes and laughed harder than anyone else, I cried my eyes out, drank litres of alcohol, started binge-eating, and ended up moving back in with my parents in a miserable state. Despite all my sadness and insecurities, I decided to post a picture of my bald head on Instagram after only a month. By telling my story this way, everyone found out about the situation at the same time and it became easier to leave the house bald. It was like coming out; I found it terrifying. But fortunately, I only got really kind reactions.

‘You can always look good. With and without your own hair, with and without a wig’

Looking for my own style

I started experimenting with makeup, scarves, beanies, hats and earrings. I learned how to draw my eyebrows and found out how great false eyelashes can be. I looked for a wig that suited me so that I could feel like myself again. Man, that was much harder than I thought. It was really difficult for me to find a wig that wasn’t plastic or porn-like. And those typical headscarves were completely depressing, that was not my style at all. After an endless search and trying all sorts of things, it finally started to get easier to look good. I started posting more pictures on Instagram and I got nice comments. Girls thought I was pretty and strong, they asked where I’d bought my stuff and they shared their own insecurities.

‘Now that I’ve accepted myself 100%, I want to help others. There’s nothing I put more work and love into that this’

Platform for bald women

All those comments gave me the idea to set up my own online platform. I want to show bald women that they’re still absolutely beautiful. You don’t have to settle, you can also look gorgeous and feminine without hair. I have several wigs I really like, but I don’t wear them every day. How I look depends on how I’m feeling and what I have to do that day. I’m proud that I’ve turned something that seemed devastating into something beautiful. Now that I’ve accepted myself 100%, I want to help others. There’s nothing I put more work, effort and love into than this.