Wie Straalt Is Mooi

If you're
glowing, you are


Veronique Pardoen
is bald due to Alopecia
and founder of

I want to help women who have lost their hair to feel extra confident.
If you’re glowing, you’re beautiful - and you don’t need to have any hair for that!

Let’s not beat about the bush: most women think going bald is a complete disaster. Hair plays such a big role in your appearance that not having the hairstyle you’re used to forces you to reinvent yourself. Believe me, I know. I lost my beautiful, long, dark hair in 2018 due to Alopecia. Finding myself again was quite a challenging mission - I looked in every single bar and clothes shop - but now I feel better than ever.

Being bald doesn’t have to be a headache!

I want my experiences to be helpful for other bald women. I want to help you leave your worries behind and to inspire you! Because no matter why you’ve lost your hair -whether it’s due to Alopecia, chemotherapy, trichotillomania or something else - you can still look great and have fun. The best advice I can give you - by far - is to keep living your life to the fullest, because that way you’ll always look your best.

Personal stories and practical tips

You can find a lot of personal tips on WHAT THE HAIR LOSS. That way, you can avoid making all the mistakes that I made. You can find a lot of tutorials on doing your makeup, tying scarves and using other lovely accessories. I’ve experienced first-hand how nice it is to know that you’re not the only woman who doesn’t have hair, so that’s why my website also features honest stories by beautiful women about their hair loss. I also share my own stories and thoughts in different blog posts.

I hope that all this information will help you feel extra confident so you can see how incredibly beautiful you still are. Hopefully you’ll be able to put a positive spin on your new look!